My Father

My father is Ivan Rudolf Gunawan.
He was born on the 7th of September 1968 in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up in Tangerang. Similar to my mother,
he did not have much money as a child but it was enough for a living. He lived with his parents and older sister and two younger siblings, a younger brother and younger sister. His childhood mainly consisted of playing basketball or hanging out with his friends. He would usually walk or bike to places and sometimes use public transport. He also spent a lot of time readings plenty of books. He would also spend time playing with his siblings. He grew up in a Catholic household and his faith was a sort of guidance to him. His father was always busy working while his mother was a housewife and would take care of the kids. He would often visit his grandparents during long holidays because they lived in a different town. My dad came to New Zealand in 2003 on a plane by himself. He wanted to travel and experience a different country. At first it was quite difficult to get used to a new environment especially when his english wasn't very good and he was in an english speaking country. He had known my mother before from Intermediate School and they would occassionally see one another in town. They then met again in New Zealand. They got married in Indonesia because the majority of our family lived there and then they came and settled into a home in NZ and had me.

"Life has changed for me. People did more physical activity as there was so much technology and people didn't get too distracted. But technology also helped a lot for other things. When I was younger I only had a radio and TV but only when I was bit older like in my 20s."